Evarts adjusts current budget

Water rate increase set for August

By Joe P. Asher - [email protected]

The Evarts City Council approved the first reading to amend the current budget to adjust if for unexpected financial incidents over the past year.

Mayor Eddie Manning introduced the subject to the council.

“You guys know we’ve talked about it for the last few months,” Manning said. “There were some things that came up this year — not all bad — but some things came up this year that we have to amend our budget for.”

Manning explained one adjustment was due to grant money.

“We budgeted in about $32,000 in grants,” Manning explained. “We ended up getting a $100,000 grant for blacktopping in November/December. Once you receive those things like that you have to amend because if you don’t it looks like you overspent.”

Manning also mentioned a sewer repair that had cost the city.

“We need to amend the budget to show a loss for the repair,” Manning said. “The good thing about this was we did have the money to pay for it.”

City Clerk Kristi Lamb performed the first reading of the budget.

“Some of it’s got to do with a little less money coming in that what we forecast due to insurance premiums and taxes,” Manning said. “The $100,000 grant played a big part, and a $25,000 sewer repair, those three things played into this.”

Manning said the city’s finances were still in good shape.

The council passed a motion to accept the first reading of the amended budget.

The council then moved on to an update on a water rate increased that was discussed by council in the May meeting and was expected to go into effect in July.

“We were supposed to get it ready by July 1,” Lamb explained. “We have to give 30 days for BMUD…it (the rate increase) will go into effect in August.”

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Water rate increase set for August

By Joe P. Asher

[email protected]

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