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Howard Baker - RN BSN

Courtesy of Howard Baker Hobo in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

I enjoy traveling with Hobo the Wonder Dog and sharing our experiences. Our goal is to inspire others to take to the roads and trails with their trusted four-legged companions as we enrich our lives by exploring the road less traveled. The National Park Service is celebrating its 100 years of service this year. Hobo and I will celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service by traveling to a different national park in our area, hiking at least one trail and sharing the experience with you. This experience may inspire you to celebrate the beauty of our national parks and their importance to our nation.

A friend shared her plans to vacation close to home this year to explore our local treasures with her family. I agree, there are many places and things to explore in our own backyards that are sometimes overlooked. One might argue it is easier to travel with children but, I beg to differ. Hobo the Wonder Dog doesn’t ask repeatedly “are we there yet,” he doesn’t fight with his sister, never pouts about the weather, and he is always excited to hit the trails. On the other hand, some places do not welcome our four-legged family members as easily as our children. Each location we explore will offer insight and ways to get the most out of local attractions with your dog.

Last summer Hobo the Wonder Dog and I explored Stones River Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Stones River National Battlefield is an easy day trip from our area; is rich in history, and is dog-friendly. Pet policies are usually few in number and are common sense or at least common courtesy. Fido must always be under control and on a leash, and clean up any accidents. I have not visited a National Park allowing pets inside visitor centers, museums, gift shops, or other public buildings. Service animals are welcome in all public areas of the national parks.

Hobo the Wonder Dog was on hand last week at the Cumberland Gap National Park as the U.S. Mint launched the America the Beautiful quarter for Kentucky honoring the Cumberland Gap. Hobo and I often explore the trails of the Cumberland Gap for exercise and to stay in touch with nature. The Cumberland Gap National Park is dog-friendly on all trails and grounds. Service dogs only in visitor center, gift shop, and museum. Remember, you and your dog represent all dog visitors to the park. Clean up any accidents; keep Fido on a leash and always under control.

Our national parks are celebrating 100 years of service and Hobo the Wonder Dog and I plan to celebrate by exploring our local national treasures. We hope to inspire you to travel with your dog and discover the treasure in your backyard — our national parks. Life is better with a dog — woof!

Hobo is a rescue dog out to make a difference in animal rescue and education. Please follow Hobo on Facebook at Hobo the Wonder Dog or contact him at: [email protected]

Courtesy of Howard Baker Hobo in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. of Howard Baker Hobo in the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

Howard Baker


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