Mother: A beautiful story

Erica Wilder Eldridge - Contributing Writer

As Mother’s Day has come and gone I have spent many hours in deep thought about Mother’s Day. There are so many beautiful gifts available, but when I think about my mother I really don’t think any gift could ever be as special as she is. As I think back over the years to all of the things that she has been to my siblings and me, there really is nothing out there that could even begin to compete with her beauty. I won’t tell you that our life was some magical fairytale and that we were best friends because that is not the reality of it. She and I disagreed a lot! I was not interested in her ideas for me or any of her opinions (especially in my teen years). However we survived those years and I have reached a place where she is one of my best friends and if there is any doubt about any situation I want her opinion, I truly desire her ideas for my life.

The most beautiful thing about the relationship that she and I share is that I know when the day has been too long and the burdens of this world have weighed me down that I can call her and she will immediately pray a prayer that I know shakes the very rafters of heaven. My mom and I share a bond that nothing could ever change. She has an outer glow about her that can only come from a deep relationship with God. Her heart is full of love for others and if you know her you know what I mean. She is the most selfless person that I know. She sets an example in the world in which she lives.

She is a nurse by profession, but she will be the first to tell you that she could not continue in that profession if she did not have her faith. She lives her life sharing her love of Christ with anyone she comes in contact with. I remember when I was growing up that she was a nursing instructor e and many of her students would say that they would never have made it through had it not been for my mother and her prayers for them and with them.

My mother doesn’t care what she receives in earthly riches or gifts; she would rather spend time with her children and grandchildren or anyone that she can share her knowledge and faith in God with. (Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Proverbs 31:28). This verse describes my mother, for all of her children seek her out during times of turmoil, hurt, pain and desperation. She is nana to my children and they completely adore her as does my sisters children. So! What; if any gift is worthy of such a woman? I can think of none. Although the traditional flowers along with a card with a personal note is almost always among the things that she receives on that day, she also received immeasurable respect and love for the woman that she is and the lives that she has helped to shape.

I know that there are many mothers out there that have this type of relationship with their children, and believe me they deserve the praise. So many times we become so distracted by life that we forget to live. I have watched as the Lord has transformed her into a person who no longer rushes, or gets upset when things don’t go the way she has planned or expected. Instead she praises the Lord through it all knowing that HE has the ultimate control. I have learned much from her. I have learned to nurture the way I was nurtured. I have learned that people will let you down, no matter how good, they are they are still flesh. I have also learned that your greatest ally in a spiritual battle is faith. Faith can move mountains, the enemy knows this and that is why in spiritual battles your faith is pushed to the brink, because if the enemy can steal your faith, then he has won the battle. The other thing that my mother has taught me is that Joy can be found in even the most difficult situations and that if you can retain your joy in those circumstances then you have succeeded despite the situation. If you still have your Mom, give her a hug. If you don’t, remember all that she was and smile. Don’t forget; Live with joy in your heart, Love with everything you have. Praise God during the Storm, and dance when you feel like crying.

Erica Wilder Eldridge

Contributing Writer

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