Dog Days of Summer

Howard Baker - RN BSN

Courtesy of Howard Baker Hobo the Wonder Dog visits Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County.

Dog Days of Summer are the hottest and the sultriest times of the year, and kicks off just in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. Dog Days of Summer start on July 3 and keep it hot and humid until Aug. 10. Hobo the Wonder Dog has difficulty coping with the summer season. Summer barbecues, picnics, pool parties and baseball games have their challenges for dogs. Summer activities are loud, full of unexpected guest, tempting foods, and dangers of heat related injuries for your four-legged family members. Dog Days of Summer are in full swing and we hope these tips help you survive the heat and enjoy more of summer with your dog.

Dogs can dehydrate quickly in summer, it is imperative your dog has plenty of clean fresh water. Whether in the car, on the trail or relaxing by the pool, make sure your dog has access to clean fresh water. When riding in a car it is easy to forget Fido does not have access to water so, offer water frequently on road trips. Never leave a dog in a car any time, but especially during summer.

Hobo the Wonder Dog and his pack are super active requiring a watchful eye during the Dog Days of Summer. I try to dial back activities allowing more time to relax in the shade while conserving energy. Be realistic when planning hiking and outdoor activities. Be in tune to your dog’s physical signs of heat exhaustion and know when to take it easy. Paw protection is a must during the Dog Days of Summer, asphalt, concrete and stones, can heat up fast causing your dog to be uncomfortable and cause injury to their paws. I recommend Musher’s Secret for year-round paw protection.

What fun to bring your dog to the lake or swimming pool. Not all dogs are water dogs, and swimming does not always come natural. Hobo does not like water. Skyler on the other hand loves to swim and dive under water. Make sure your four-legged family members have a flotation devices when around lakes and pools. While boating, if your dog falls overboard do not take your eyes off them they cannot signal you back to their location. Remember, chlorine from pools can cause stomach upset so discourage letting your dog drink from swimming pools.

Are summer hairdos a good idea? The experts say a dog’s coat insulates Fido from overheating and preventing sunburn. I admit two of my dogs are groomed and their coats kept a little tighter during the summer. I believe a well-groomed dog is a well-cared for dog. A doggie spa day keeps the pack happy and looking great.

I am amazed when hearing of children and dogs being left in a hot car. Automobiles can become mini furnaces in a matter of minutes — even with the windows down. Heat related stress can be fatal — never leave your pet or child in a parked car.

Hobo’s advice: Keep them hydrated, provide shade, paw protection, never leave them in a car, and the Dog Days of Summer will be over before you know it.

Early signs and symptoms of heat related injury: Excessive thirst, discomfort or resistance to physical activities and controlled panting. If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms stop exercising, remove the heat source, offer cool water to drink, and get your dog to a cool location. If your dog does not return to normal within a few minutes seek the advice of your veterinarian immediately.

Life is better with a dog.

Hobo is a rescue dog out to make a difference in animal rescue and education. Please follow Hobo on Facebook at Hobo the Wonder Dog or contact him at: [email protected]

Courtesy of Howard Baker Hobo the Wonder Dog visits Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County. of Howard Baker Hobo the Wonder Dog visits Pine Mountain Settlement School in Harlan County.

Howard Baker


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