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If you’re overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs and twists and turns, or a little depressed because you don’t like where you live, or who you’re with, or just maybe you’ve gotten down on yourself, all that’s happened is you’ve gotten a little sidetracked.

The only reason we ever want anything is because we want to feel better. Will getting more organized make you feel better? Sure it will, but there’s not a whole lot to it. All you really need is a calendar, a watch and a timer. If you’re not organized, it just means you’re not using those tools!

Okay, there is one more element and that’s clutter. The biggest destroyer of peace is clutter. You can’t organize clutter, unless you’d like your home to look like a Goodwill outlet with each room resembling a specific aisle, like the toy aisle (kid’s bedroom), the pots and pans aisle (kitchen), the linen and bedding aisle (master bedroom) and the clothing aisles (closets).

The changes you want to make are easier than you think. The solution to the mess you’re in requires three intangibles: a decision to change, a commitment and a plan. You have to make the decision to have a peaceful, less stressful life AND you have to commit to it FOR THE RIGHT REASON. The best reason is so that you can enjoy life more. We come here to enjoy life, not to be organized. Most of us get sidetracked when we grow up and get sucked into the world with so much to do that we forget to just enjoy the being part. We lose track of the gift of this precious life we’ve been given and usually only when we’re threatened to lose it do we suddenly seek to “hold on for dear life.”

The third element of change is a plan and the plan is simple. It’s about knowing “what” to do and “how” to do it. You can Google yourself silly and in the hours you take to find just the right way to fold a towel, clean a toilet, dust and vacuum, while the laundry backs up, the toilets get dirtier and the dust piles up. The Club Organized plan (available on my website) involves 3×5 cards, real, hands-on cards you can print out and also use for DELEGATING to your family.

You also need those three tools: a calendar, a watch and a timer. With a calendar, you must look at it daily and a watch hourly. (Most of my club members have no concept of time.)

Being organized involves having a routine that keeps your body and mind healthy, your finances stable and your home clean and cozy. If you’re over-weight, stressed out, your house is a mess, you’re in a financial mess (or all of the above), your routine has created those conditions.

If you create a daily routine and a weekly plan with a special focus for each day, and a plan to have a special focus for each week of the month so deeper cleaning can occur, you’ll discover what fun it is to get organized just enough to please you.

I recommend my latest “get organized” book, The Joy of Being Disorganized, to help you set up the simple 3×5 card file system and to guide you in raising your consciousness high enough to see your wonderful life in a new light.

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