Resident asks for road closure at Kenvir

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

October 23, 2013

A request to close a portion of Loop Spurr in the Kenvir area of the county was set aside until an investigation into the matter can be conducted.

Charles Baxley, a resident on Loop Spurr, attended a recent meeting of the Harlan Fiscal Court where he requested the closure because he reported another neighbor “has plans to build a garage” blocking an alley and currently parks vehicles which block the main road.

“He thinks he owns the property,” said Baxley.

“I don’t see how we can close that road as it is and not have objections from other neighbors along that road,” said Road Department Supervisor Marvin Goins. “So, it will be my suggestion not to.”

Goins said he had spoken with Magistrate Bill Moore, who was not present at the meeting, and he agreed with him that “it wouldn’t be practical to shut it down.”

“If we advertise to close that road and then we have a hearing on it, if there is any objection it can’t be closed,” said Judge-Executive Joe Grieshop. “This is a public roadway and it can’t be blocked. You can call law enforcement if the roadway is being blocked.”

Goins said the county can post no parking signs on the roadway because it is a county road. However, he said he wasn’t sure about the alley.

“This gives the sheriff’s office more powder for their gun if the signs are posted,” said Goins.

Grieshop instructed County Road Engineer Leo Miller to investigate the matter and determine if the road and alley in question belong to the county and report back to the court.

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