Mayor suggests allowing mobile homes

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

October 16, 2013

Losing more and more of the city’s tax base in a struggling economy, Mayor Clarence Longworth suggested Loyall City Council consider allowing mobile homes within city limits.

“I think it’s time we look at the ordinance we have banning mobile homes in the city,” said Longworth during Monday’s regular monthly meeting. “If you decide to allow them, we can put size requirements on them, because all the lots in the city of Loyall are only about 50 feet X 100 feet. We can put stipulations on the ordinance and allow only mobile homes that meet the fire codes. These type mobile homes are as nice a home as some that are built.”

Longworth said he would like input and suggestions from residents, as well, on the issue and hoped residents will attend the city’s Nov. 11 meeting, beginning at 7 p.m.

“If they are allowed, the mobile homes would have to be on a solid foundation, such as cinder blocks,” said Longworth. “We could get some revenue from this. This year, the homestead deduction is $36,000 — it’s gone up. You sit back and count all the houses that have been torn down — count the churches in the city. There are seven, with some of them taking up an entire block and almost all have parking lots and parsonages. They don’t pay property tax. That takes a chunk out of the real estate taxes paid to the city of Loyall. We’d better start looking now at ways to bring in some more revenue, tax wise, because with all this we’ll be in trouble.”

Longworth said a lot of houses sit empty under foreclosure. The city is not collecting sewer or garbage revenue on those vacant structures.

“It’s easier for people to finance a mobile home than a structural home,” Longworth said. “If we allow mobile homes, we might pick up more residents for the city because as of the 2010 census the population of Loyall was only 1,461.

Council member James Hagy said the only other stipulation he would like to see is that only one mobile home can be placed on a lot.

“Just like the deal in Rio Vista when they put a trailer park in, we don’t want a trailer park in the city,” said Hagy. “We need to make sure this is stated in the ordinance if we decide to do this.”

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