Fighting domestic violence

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

October 9, 2013

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, the Harlan County Domestic Violence Council held their annual “Mourn, Celebrate and Connect Candlelight Vigil,” where approximately 50 people attended.

“We are here to remember victims in the war for peace in Kentucky homes,” said Bell County Peace in Kentucky Homes Network member Jim Woodring at a candlelight vigil held on the courthouse square on Tuesday.

Woodring said in the “home war for peace” the fallen ones “don’t get a hero’s burial with a flag draped coffin.” He said many of the fallen believe it is their fault in the first place as the reason they were hurt or killed.

“The greatest difference, more than anything else, is it’s a hidden war,” said Woodring. “It’s in the home. Home is supposed to be a place for safety — not fear, security — not kicking, patience — not anger, dreams — not nightmares, for caring and sharing. For 27 women in the state of Kentucky in 2012, it was not a place for nurturing life and growth, but it meant death for them.”

Harlan District Judge Jeffrey Brock said his participation with the candlelight vigil was to bring awareness to the issue.

“A lot of people are not aware of the great work Sheryl Caudel and her staff does with the domestic violence council,” said Brock. “I deal with domestic violence issues in my court, but Judge Henry Johnson also deals with it in circuit court also.”

Brock continued by saying if the parties involved have a pending case in circuit court the domestic violence charge will be addressed in that court. He said if there are no pending cases there, then he will address the issue in his court.

“I just wanted to be a part of this event to make people aware there are programs out there to help victims and the aggressors too. Maybe, they can go together to these programs and work things out, but if they have to go their separate ways to try and rectify the situation — there is help,” Brock said. “That is what this is all about. It doesn’t take one for domestic violence, it takes at lease two parties, even though it can be more.”

Also participating in the event were domestic violence survivors Phemia Williams and Pamela Miracle. Music was performed by Lonnie Milwee and Phyllis Farley.

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