Library begins renovation project

Nola Sizemore Staff Writer

September 25, 2013

A renovation project has begun at the Harlan County Public Library, located on Third Street in Harlan, said Director Rich Haynes.

“We’re not building anything, we’re just going to be painting, re-carpeting, and updating some of the furniture which has been here since the library was originally built,” said Haynes. “We’re currently using some shelving we’ve had since the very onset of having a library in Harlan, pre-1960s.”

Haynes said they hope to beautify the library, along with adding two new public-use computer stations. He said this project will make the library “look nicer inside.”

“The last time we had carpet replaced was in the mid 1990s and it’s definitely showing wear,” said Haynes. “We have a lot of sun and water damage on the window sills and we’ll be repainting that. Basically, putting new tiles up, painting and making things look clean and new again.”

Haynes added they hope with the addition of new shelving, patrons will find locating books easier. He said the new shelving will have sliding book ends built into the shelf so that it will be easier to find and shelf books.

With furniture already ordered, Haynes said they are looking at around Nov. 17 for delivery of those items. He said during the time they replace furniture and carpet the library may be closed on the first floor for a few days.

“What we will do is have a mini library downstairs during that week,” said Haynes. “You’ll still be able to come to the library, but the computers will be down. You’ll be able to check out books and videos and such, but you’ll have to go the community room downstairs.”

Haynes said as soon as a firm date is received on the delivery of the new furniture, the public will be notified two to three weeks in advance to allow patrons to alter their plans during that week in November.

“We’ve already started the project doing some little things such as painting and putting new tile in,” said Haynes. “We’re going to be replacing some light fixtures that were burned out and needed to be replaced. We’re also going to be moving some of our lighting making it easier to see in the shelving area for our patrons. We’re excited about the project and hope everyone will be pleased with the end results.”

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