Letters to the Editor

August 24, 2013


I take exception to the recent letter from Dave Gregory. The general tone of his remarks sounds like a typically liberal view of the facts of life in today’s world.

I am a white guy who does not conveniently fit into Mr. Gregory’s stereotype. I have never felt superior to another person due to their being of a different race than me. In the fall of 1963 I was happy to see our public schools become integrated. Race should never be a barrier to anyone being able to reach their potential.

My problem with the liberals on the Zimmerman case is that they are whining about the results of a fair trial. Was racism a factor? Probably! Did Mr. Zimmerman enjoy being called “a cracker?” I doubt it. Neither Mr. Gregory nor I was present during the incident. We each have our subjective opinion on what really happened.

As for the whining about long-term racial inequity, let me use my own personal experience in pointing out that the practice of racism cuts both ways. Whites do not have the corner on latent racism.

During the Jimmy Carter presidency, I was a single parent trying to support and raise two young daughters; I was unemployed and desperate to find work. Remember Carter invoked a policy of affirmative action requiring employers to give preference to the hiring of minorities. On numerous occasions I was told by a prospective employer that they could not give me a job because I was a white man. I deeply resent that warped, liberal mindset!

We continue to lean toward minorities as a conscience salve for past injustices. I say equal and fair treatment for both black and white alike. There will always be an uneven playing field in society. A person (white or black) who comes out of a poor family is always at a disadvantage in trying to advance. Many times the poor guy doesn’t have someone to “put in a word for him” to help him receive a scholarship to college.

My own situation after high school was that our total yearly family income was $2,520. Had it not been for the financial aid programs proposed by President Lyndon Johnson and passed by congress, I would never have been able to go to college.

As for Mr. Gregory’s assertion that most whites are racially prejudiced, I would suggest that an equal percentage of black people are also prejudiced toward whites. The solution to racial prejudice is in our following the teachings of Jesus.

Mathias Williams